Despite the lockdown due to the emergency situation, the members of the math department are continuing their daily remote research activities in the best possible way. Web conferencing technologies have made it possible to continue collaborations, both within the department and with external collaborators.


All around the world, the scientific community is organising webinars (web seminars) in order to continue to share the latest research and discuss further directions.

The webpage "mathseminars" collects a list of webinars available online, with all the details to participate and with the possibility of sorting them by topic.

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Research activities under pandemic emergency

Latest research produced by the Department.

Present Research activity of the group Mathematical Physics and Analytical and Geometrical Methods in Physics

Current research on:

  1. The construction of the Poisson algebra for functional observables of classical field theory for wave maps.
  2. An approach to singular potentials of delta function's kind for a single particle in non relativistic quantum mechanics in one dimension via the Resolvent Algebra approach of
  3. Buchholz and Grundling.
  4. Strict quantization map
  5. Theoretical aspects of quantum random numbers generators
  6. Path integral in Riemannian manifolds
  7. Spinor quantum field theory in globally hyperbolic spacetimes
  8. The geometric setting of variational calculus in the presence of non-holonomic
  9. constraints is reviewed and partially enhanced
  10.  Generalisation of Noether theorem
  11.  Oscillating elastic cable loaded with a mass point in the center of the span.

Latest research products and other research activities:

  • Participation to the project QRANGE (Quantum Random Number Generators: cheaper, faster and more secure) H2020-FETFLAG-2018-2020
  • a patent (brevetto) code 102020000005521 "Photon production device with entangled single-photon state".

Present Research activity of the group Stochastic Processes

Current research on:

  1. Subcritical Swift-Hohenberg equations
  2. Stochastic dyadic models for turbulence
  3. Generalized Gaussian mixtures
  4. Stochastic SIS models on graphs
  5. On evolution equations with random switching stochastic Allen-Cahn equations on graphs.
  6. Feynman path integrals on Riemannian manifolds
  7. Stochastic model of a random number generator based on silicon devices; 
  8. Theoretical description of Quantum random number generators.
  9. LDPs for Kac-like walks control of interacting particle systems

Latest research products and other research activities:

  • International collaborations: Augsburg (Germany), Cork (Ireland), Hagen (Germany)
  • Participation to the project QRANGE (Quantum Random Number Generators: cheaper, faster and more secure) H2020-FETFLAG-2018-2020
  • a patent (brevetto) code 102020000005521 "Photon production device with entangled single-photon state".

Present Research activity of the group Numerical Approximation of Partial Differential Equations

Current research on:

  1. Numerical methods for hyperbolic PDEs: transport of passive scalars and treatment of variable and discontinuous properties
  2. One-dimensional blood flow models vs lumped parameter models: development of a methodology for hybrid and real-time model selection
  3. Cardiovascular system modelling: construction of closed-loop models, incorporation of physiological flow and pressure control mechanisms (local and global), modelling of hypertension.
  4. Deep learning for physics-based model improvement in the context of non-invasive FFR prediction.
  5. Wave estimates for explicit finite volume schemes
  6. Estimation of eigenvalues of the curl operator.

Latest research products and other research activities:

  • International collaborations with Trondheim (Norway), Sophia Antipolis (France), Concepción (Chile)
  • Participation as speakers to international webinars.
  • Preparation of scientific proposals (ERC)

Present Research activity of the group Lie Algebras, Groups, Cryptography and Codes

Current research on:

  1. Tensor Network, Schur Decomposition, Identifiability of rank 3 tensors, independence of cactus schemes
  2. Thin Lie algebras
  3. Regular subgroups of holomorphs, Hopf Galois structures, skew braces
  4. Hilbert series and primality of polyomino ideals
  5. Algorithms for decomposing a representation of a real semisimple Lie algebra
  6.  Algebraic-geometric, extremal and minimal codes
  7. Average and worst-case complexity theory
  8. Finite Fields, Boolean functions and nonlinearity
  9. Elliptic curves and protocols based on discrete logarithms
  10. Polyomino ideals and Gröbner bases
  11. First degree prime ideals in the General Number Field Sieve
  12. Blockchain technologies, programming languages and security proofs

Latest research products and other research activities:

  • Organisation of the series of online lectures GOThIC – Ischia Online Group Theory Conference, with 70 participants across thirteen time zones.
  • International collaboration: Dubai (UAE), Lahore (India), Mumbai (India), Tel Aviv (Israel), Prague (Czech Republic), Auckland (New Zealand)

Present Research activity of the group Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Current research on:

  1. Free discontinuity variational problems with applications to materials science.
  2.  Structure theorems for potential domains and generalizations in the context of linear partial differential operators, under assumptions of non-integrability.
  3.  Quasilinear elliptic operators on discrete graphs in cluster analysis
  4.  Free Boundary Monotonicity for perimeter almost-minimizers in nonsmooth convex bodies, and applications.
  5.  Analysis of non-differentiable and quantized neural networks 
  6.  Asymptotic Wulff shapes and quantitative stability for FCC and HCP lattices
  7.  Gamma-convergence for functional depending on vector fields
  8.  Variational approximation for sub-Riemannian  Finsler metrics.
  9.  The Bernstein problem in the sub-Riemannian Heisenberg group
  10.  Sobolev regularity for flows of weakly differentiable vector fields

Latest research products and other research activities:

  • International collaborations: Erlangen (Germany), Cambridge (UK), Granada (Spain), Zurich (Switzerland), Munchen (Germany), Munster (Germany).

Present Research activity of the group Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science

Current research on:

  1. Model-theoretic investigation of logics with values in suitable Riesz spaces has been initiated, with potential applications in economics and in social sciences.
  2. Blockchain-related systems, the design of languages for smart contracts, and related verification techniques.
  3. Suitable higher inductive types within Homotopy Type Theory.

Present research activity of the group Dynamical Systems and Control Theory

Current research on:

  1. Consequence of Gale-Nikaido theorem
  2. Mean field control of flow on networks
  3. Mean field games with several targets
  4. Controllability of systems with hysteresis

Present research activity of the group Analytic and Algebraic Geometry

Current research on:

  1. Strength for line bundles
  2. Hilbert function of intersections of a hypersurface with general reducible curves
  3. Strength of homogeneous polynomials
  4. Independence of cactus schemes
  5. Residual resultants on toric surfaces
  6. Torus actions on complex projective varieties
  7. Rational homogeneous varieties and their characterizations in terms of positivity properties
  8. Construction of complex manifolds with special properties through Galois covers (rigid manifolds, Shimura subvarieties of the moduli space of curves, K3 burgers, surfaces of general type with few holomorphic differential forms,...)
  9. Collaborations: Bayreuth (Germany), Hannover (Germany), Strasbourg (France), Warwick (UK)

Some preprints and recent works by the Department's members