Visiting professors at the Department of Mathematics

The department of mathematics hosts visiting professors, who collaborate with the researchers of the department in a joint research project. In addition, they  give courses  for the master degree in mathematics or for the doctoral school.

Visiting professors 2019:

Prof. Robert Kotiuga.

Prof. Kotiuga, associate professor at  Boston University, is going to visit the math department of Trento from the 10th February to the 15th March 2019. He will collaborate with Prof. Ana Alonso in the development of techniques of numerical analysis for the study of computational electromagnetism, focusing on topological perspectives. Furthermore, he is going to give a series of seminars for the doctoral school in mathematics on finite elements methods for electromagnetic problems and Whitney differential forms.

Prof. David MacTaggart

Prof. MacTaggart, lecturer in Applied Mathematics at the School of Mathematics & Statistics of Glasgow University, is going to visit the math department from the 1st March to the 10th May 2019.
He will collaborate with Prof. Alberto Valli in the study of problems of electromagnetism (the concept of eliticity   of a vector field and a domain as well as its applications in the mathematical modeling of problems of plasma- and solar physics). Moreover Prof. MacTaggart is going to give part of the lectures of the course Numerical Modeling for the Doctoral school in mathematics.

Prof. Gareth Speight

 Prof. Speight, assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati, is going to visit the math department of Trento from the 1st to the 30th June 2019. He will collaborate with Dr. Andrea Pinamonti in the study of problems of analysis in metric spaces, focusing on Whitney extension theorem and Pansu theorem. Furthermore Prof. Spieght will give a series of seminars for the doctoral school in mathematics.

Prof. José F. Fernando Galvan

Prof. Fernando Galvan, associate professor at the Universidad Complutense of  Madrid, is going to spend four weeks at the math department in April and May 2019. He will collaborate with Prof. Riccardo Ghiloni in the study of problems of real algebraic geometry. In addition he will give two seminars for the doctoral school in mathematics.

Prof. Viorel Barbu

Prof. Barbu, full professor at the University of Iasi, is going to visit the math department of Trento from the 9th April to the 4th May 2019, within the Visiting professors program of INdAM. He will give the course Nonlinear infinite dimensional stochastic equations for the doctoral school in mathematics.


Research in pairs at CIRM

The Reseach in Pairs program hosts at CIRM (Centro Internazionale per la Ricerca Matematica) teams of two or three researches coming from different Universities or research institutes, who intend to work on a definite research project and for a well specified period of time (ranging from one to six weeks). The participants in the RIP program will also give occasional research seminars at the math department of Trento.

Research in Pairs 2020

Dr. Purvi Gupta (Rutgers University), Prof. Loredana Lanzani (Syracuse University): January 6-15, 2020

Prof. Ciro Ciliberto (University of  Roma II Tor Vergata), Prof. Claudio Fontanari (University of Trento): January 12-18, 2020

Research in Pairs 2019

Prof. Ciro Ciliberto (University of Roma II) – Prof. Thomas Dedieu (University of Toulouse): 6-19 January 2019

Dr. Mima Stanojkovsi (University of  Bielefeld) - 25 February - 3 March, 2019 – Dr. Leo Margolis (Free University of Bruxelles): 24 February - 3 March, 2019

Prof. Lars Winther Christensen (Texas Tech University), Prof. Henrik Holm (University of Copenhagen): 31 March - 12 April, 2019

Prof. Cinzia Bisi (University of  Ferrara) – Prof. Tuyen Trung Truong (University of Oslo): 14-27 April 2019

Prof. Nikolay Moshchevitin (Lomonosov Moscow State University) - Dr. Antoine Marnat (Technische Universität Graz): 19 May - 1 June, 2019

Prof. Dimitar Grantcharov (University of  Texas Arlington) – Prof. Luis Enrique Ramirez (Universidade Federal do ABC, Santo André) – Prof. Pablo Zadunaisky (Universidad CAECE, Buenos Aires): 25 May - 5 June, 2019

Prof. Chiara de Fabritiis (Università  Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona) – dott. Amedeo Altavilla (University of Roma II): 6-17 May  2019

Dr. Fabrizio Bianchi (University of Lille) - Dr. Samuele Mongodi (Politecnico di Milano):  2-10 June 2019

Prof. Livia Giacardi (University  of Torino) - Prof. Rossana Tazzioli (University  of  Lille): 17-30 June 2019

Prof. Daniel Fiorilli (University  Paris Sud) - Dr. Lucile Devin (Ottawa University) - Dr. Anders Soedergren (Chalmers University): 14-20 July 2019

Prof. Ya’acov Peterzil (University of  Haifa) – Prof. Sergei Starchenko (Univiversity of Notre Dame): 29 July - 10 August  2019

Prof. Bianca Stroffolini (University  of Napoli) – Prof. Giacomo Canevari (University of Bilbao) – Prof. Apala Majumdar (University of Bath): 20-31 July, 2019

Prof. Elizabeth Gasparim (Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile) – Dr. Severin Barmeier (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn) – Prof. Edoardo Ballico (University of  Trento) - Fabricio Valencia Quintero (Univesidad Catolica del Norte): 14-27 July, 2019

Prof. Richard Hind (University of Notre Dame) - Prof. Costantino Medori (University  of Parma) - Prof. Adriano Tomassini (University of Parma): 1-10 August 2019

Prof. Alexey Bolsinov (School of Mathematics, Loughborough University,UK), Prof. Andrei Konyaev (Moscow State University), Prof Vladimir Matveev (
Institute of Mathematics, University of Jena): September 23-29, 2019

Prof. Michel Balazard (C.N.R.S., Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille), Prof. Bruno Martin (Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale, Calais): November 24-December 6, 2019