Research Areas

The research activity of our department is well developed with many dynamic and productive research groups. We have full-time academics, a large number of researchers and PhD students and several visiting and post-doc positions.

The Department currently has nine main research groups, though there is collaboration among staff members within and outside their group. These pages provide information on staff and their main research activities.

Other activities can be described through the publications of the Department of Mathematics and the Laboratories.

Research centers

CIRM: The "Centro Internazionale per la Ricerca Matematica" conducts seminars and meetings regarding mathematics research. The center also set up a range of activities (Visiting Professors and Visiting Scholars, Postdoc Fellowships, Research in Pairs) with the intention of stimulating the interaction between the mathematical research community of the Trento area and the international mathematical community.

COSBI: a computational and system biology research center operating in the fields of system nutrition, system pharmacology, neurodegenerative diseases.

Indam: Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica "Francesco Severi", local research unit in Trento.

TIFPA (Bell Project): Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics

matematita: an interuniversitary center of research for the communications and the informal learning of mathematics. Local unity of Trento.

OrientaMAT: research and development of software and online materials to improve the mathematical preparation of new students.

Research Doctorate

Doctoral School in Mathematics

Visiting professors and Research in Pairs

Every year, the Department and CIRM host several visiting professors and Research in Pairs.


The complete list of publications of the members of the Math Department can be obtained from the archive Research Outputs of the University of Trento.