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The training traineeships is a period of professional training carried out by the student during his studies, aimed at alternating learning and working activities and facilitating the future professional choices.  The student have the opportunity to directly enter into the labour market, get acquainted with new and innovative aspects of professional profiles, technologies and the organization of work.
Traineeships can be carried out, in line with the remaining learning activities, in two different ways:

  • External traineeships, i.e. training internships in an external company or institution (also knows as "stage").
  • Traineeship inside the University

External traineeship

This kind of traineeship implies a series of administrative procedures abiding by the law.

  • It is ruled by Law no. 196/1997 and the subsequent M.D. no. 142/1998 and can be activated only after the signature of a Convention between the University and the hosting subject.
  • It is carried out on the basis of a training project
  • It is unpaid and it is not based on a working contract
  • It can last few weeks up to a maximum of 12 months
  • Duration, period and timetable to access the premises and plan of the activities are agreed upon by the University and the company.
  • It implies the figure of a university and a company tutors, who act as supervisors and guarantor

Procedure established by the Department for the traineeship

  • First the student needs to meet the delegate professor in charge of traineeships, who will guide him in finding the right university tutor.
  • After the traineeship the student is required to draft a final report and obtain from the company tutor a declaration on his achievements.
  • After receiving the report the university tutor evaluates the activities carried out by the student, marks it (if applicable) and recognizes the ECTS credits as foreseen in the regulation

The student is required to visit the Job Guidance Office in order to activate the traineeship, after having decided the external company and the university tutor.

Internal traineeship

The internal traineeship is a training period aimed at integrating the university programme and orientating the future professional choices of the student. It is different from the stage because it is carried out within the Department or an institute cooperating with the Department.

The internal traineeship does not require any difficult administrative procedure.

The student is simply required to contact the delegate professor for stage, fill in the template to start the traineeship and submit it to the Department.

After the traineeship the student will be required to draft a final report, to be approved by the delegate professor for stage, Fill in the form “Certification of internal traineeship”, which after the signature of the tutor, will be submitted to the Department of Mathematics.

Bio-molecular sciences and technologies: Students attending these course are required to fill in the "Diary of internal traineeship”, have it signed by the tutor and hand it in to the Office dealing with courses and training opportunities of the Department.

Delegate professors for traineeships activities

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