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Access to facilities

The Department of Mathematics is renovating the facilities in order to make them accessible for otherwise abled people. The historical premises of the Department is organized on various floors but it is accessible with lifts and special stairs. The new buildings (Povo 1 and IRST III) are accessible in all their parts.

Parking areas

The parking areas are internal courtyard with reserved parking lots for otherwise abled people. They are limited-access with barriers controlled by remote controllers. In case of an occasional visit, you will need to ring the doorbell at the main gate and wait for the gate to be opened by the welcoming staff. We advise you to announce your visit via phone or email. Permanent users are provided with an access card to access the reserved parking lots. You can access the rooms directly from the internal parking place, using the lifts-


The main entrance to the historical premises is accessible through a slide, close to the reserved parking places- The other three secondary entrances are also accessible. Two of them are close to the reserved parking places.

Other services

There is a devoted post for text reading a the Library of Sciences, for short-sighted. The position has a PC with a scanning device. The PC uses the software Kurzweill 1000 for text reading.

The available services are:

  • Text scanning
  • Enlargement of text according to the optimal scale for the user (from 2x to 16x)
  • Listening with oral synthesis
  • Recording of the audio file, in MP3, Wave or Daisy format and possibility to copy on USB key or CD-ROM.

The service is available during the opening times of the library. The person in charge of the library is Sonia Stenico who will provide you with any further information.

Other services, i.e. the possibility to borrow a PC for free, are offered upon request by the University Guild.

The experimental videorecording of lessons is also available for some courses. They are then broadcast online. The videorecording are made available for short-sighted users or users with other disabilities.


The website of the Opera Universitaria – University Guild provides further information.

Department’s delegate for disabilities is the Ana Maria Alonso Rodriguez

Unit for Estate and Building maintenance and management. Tel.  +39 0461281564