Research topics

The Lab is a joint project between the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Humanities and Philosophy and it is devoted to communication of mathematics, with a special emphasis on historical and philosophical aspects. The aim of the Lab is to provide an institutional framework to the various activities concerning popularization, history and philosophy of mathematics jointly organized by the two departments since the last few years. The Lab is going to be an open space, where students of both departments may complete an internship or a dissertation (either at an undergraduate or at a graduate or even at a PhD level). Besides interested professors at Unitn, the Lab will host young researchers, visiting scholars and senior professors.

Lab director: Prof. Claudio Fontanari
Lab coordinator: Prof. Alessandro Oneto
Scientific Committee: Prof. Marco Andreatta, Prof.ssa Paola Giacomoni, Prof. Achille Varzi

Internal members: Marco Andreatta, Agnese Del Zozzo, Claudio Fontanari, Stefano Gattei, Alessandro Oneto
External collaborators: Alessia Bellusci, Silvia De Toffoli, Enrico Rogora