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  • Francesco Serra Cassano - Deputy Head
  • Willem Adriaan De Graaf - Delegate for the international relations of the Department
  • Raul Serapioni - Delegate for teaching activities
  • Ana Maria Alonso Rodriguez e Anneliese Defranceschi - Delegate for student guidance
  • Ana Maria Alonso Rodriguez  - Delegate for disabled students
  • Massimiliano Sala - Delegate for internships, traineeships and placement
  • Alessandro Perotti - Delegate for the website of the Department
  • Augusto Visintin - Delegate for the Library
  • Gabriele Anzellotti - Delegate for the Laboratory Teaching activities and Communication of Mathematics
  • Willem Adriaan De Graaf - Delegate for languages
  • Gianluca Occhetta  - Prevention plagiarism
  • Roberto Pignatelli e Stefano Bonaccorsi  - School, Teacher's Training and TFA
  • Director - Delegate for Department Buildings
  • Riccardo Ghiloni - TopSport Program Delegate
  • Sonia Mazzucchi - Delegate for equal opportunities