The Laboratory of Industrial Mathematics and Cryptography (CryptoLabTN) was founded in 2010.
Its activities include: internships for Bachelor and Master Students, R&D projects with companies or institutions on cryptography and industrial mathematics, consulting on cryptography and digital security, organizing courses for professionals and companies, outreach activities to raise awareness of cryptography and industrial mathematics.
During the first three years since it was founded, CryptoLabTN placed 13 students in internships with companies and institutions. Topics for joint collaboration with companies and institutions have included: cipher suites for the SSL/TLS protocol, strong authentication and transaction signing for online banking, authentication of handwritten digitalized signatures, cancelable biometrics, cryptographical aspects for advanced electronic payment systems and value added services, encodings used in passports. The Lab has written consultancies on the protection of data on USB flash drives and on OTP generation for soft tokens. It has organized more than a dozen one-day intensive courses for professionals on subjects like cloud computing, online banking, PEC (italian certified electronic mail), anti-tapping stealth phones; it has organized week-long courses for professionals on the security of block and stream ciphers. CryptoLabTN has organized CryptoWars, a national initiative aimed at raising awareness of cryptography.
Regarding research activities which constitute the core skills of the Lab, please refer to the members’ personal web pages and that of the departmental research group on Lie Algebras, Groups, Cryptography and Coding. Other activities are: blockchains, languages for smart contracts, control, optimization, game theory.
The laboratory organizes seminars and short courses.