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Research topics

The main mission of the laboratory is to develop and coordinate activities in the field of teaching and communication of mathematics. These activities are aimed at orientation to university studies, teacher training and dissemination of mathematical culture. In particular, this set of activities leads to the systematic production of texts, software and material items for mathematical communication.

Students in mathematics can use the laboratory to do an internship or activities related to the degree thesis.


  • Silvano Delladio: scientific advisory board (head)

  • Elisabetta Ossanna: coordinator

  • Gabriele Anzellotti: scientific advisory board

  • Fabio Bagagiolo: scientific advisory board

  • Stefano Bonaccorsi: scientific advisory board

  • Roberto Pignatelli: scientific advisory board

  • Gabriele Dalla torre: tutoring for undergraduates

  • Giancarlo Dorigotti: teacher training and mathematics laboratory

  • Stefano Pegoretti: teacher training and mathematics laboratory


  • Francesca Arrigoni
  • Michele Avancini
  • Giulia Bissoli
  • Francesca Calderoni
  • Luciano Cappello
  • Chiara Cateni
  • Elena Cosser
  • Letizia Corazzolla
  • Andrea Di Martino
  • Francesca Mazzini
  • Valentina Paterno
  • Marta Polesello
  • Martina Rossi
  • Maria Cristina Viola